Neighborhood Health Connection™ Toolkit

The Neighborhood Health Connection™ toolkit helps you connect with your neighbors and get started on the path to better health. It provides everything from tips for organizing a neighborhood group to planning group activities.

Whether it's organizing a walking club at your senior living facility, a healthy potluck or a volunteer activity, you can take small, simple steps to a better life — just by doing something with your neighbors.

Start by talking to your neighbors.

Whether you’ve been active in a neighborhood activity, or you’re just starting out, we hope Neighborhood Health Connection can be a jumpstart for you and your neighbors to stay connected and active.

Choose activities.

Once you have connected with your neighbors and formed a healthy neighbors group, pick a time and place to meet, and decide what the group wants to do.

  • Use the free Neighborhood Health Connection™ Toolkit (pdf) to explore more ways to start new neighborhood groups and activities or continue existing ones.
  • If you want to start a walking club and would like to track your steps, or if you’d like to create a personalized fitness and nutrition program, check out these great online resources:
    • Track and chart steps. Compete with others, create a club or join existing clubs.
    • - Use Presidential Active Lifestyle Award resources to download an activity log form and track your daily progress online. Earn awards for reaching specific goals.

Choose from the variety of activities listed below or come up with your own ideas. (Download all activities (zip/PDF).

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Fuel your body
Form a cooking club. (PDF)
Join a CSA. (PDF)
Plan a healthful potluck. (PDF)
Start a recipe exchange. (PDF)

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Move your body
Start a mall walking group. (PDF)
Organize a parent-child fitness class. (PDF)
Organize a chair aerobics class. (PDF)
Start a zumba group. (PDF)
Host a dance night. (PDF)
Start a walking group. (PDF)

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Healthy body, healthy mind
Start a drumming circle. (PDF)
Plan a game night. (PDF)
Practice meditation. (PDF)
Start a tai chi group. (PDF)
Practice yoga. (PDF)

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Start a neighborhood yard crew. (PDF)
Plant a garden for your community. (PDF)
Clean up your neighborhood. (PDF)

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