Neighborhood Health Connection™ Toolkit

The Neighborhood Health Connection toolkit helps you connect with your neighbors and get started on the path to better health. It provides everything from tips for organizing a group of neighbors to planning fun group activities.

Start by talking to your neighbors.

Whether you’ve been active in a neighborhood activity, or you’re just starting out, we hope Neighborhood Health Connection can be a jumpstart for you and your neighbors to stay connected and active.

How to form a group of neighbors

Choose activities.

Choose from the variety of activities listed below or come up with your own ideas.

Fuel your body: tips for healthy eating

Move your body: tips for physical activity

Download all activities (zip/PDF)

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Fuel your body
Create a food preservation club. (PDF)
Create food forests. (PDF)
Form a cooking club. (PDF)
Plan a healthful potluck. (PDF)
Plan farmer's market outings. (PDF)
Plant a garden for your community. (PDF)
Start a healthy snack exchange. (PDF)
Start a little free farmer's market. (PDF)
Start a recipe exchange. (PDF)
Volunteer at a local farm. (PDF)

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Move your body
Start a mall walking group. (PDF)
Organize a parent-child fitness class. (PDF)
Organize a chair aerobics class. (PDF)
Practice yoga. (PDF)
Start a zumba group. (PDF)
Host a dance night. (PDF)
Start a neighborhood ski club. (PDF)
Start a park exercise group. (PDF)
Start a pickleball team. (PDF)
Start a walking group. (PDF)
Start a women and children's swim night. (PDF)
Start a tai chi group. (PDF)