The Neighborhood Health Connection 2015 Healthy Activity Grant application period is now over. All applicants were notified of final decisions on June 11. See the list of 2015 activities.

Neighborhood Health Connection improves the health of communities through social connections, healthy eating and physical activity. We know that being active and eating healthy foods are good for us. Plus, research shows that we are more likely to stick with healthy activities if we do them with other people. Social connections are the relationships we have with others, either individually or through groups. People with positive social connections are healthier and:

  • live longer
  • are less likely to be depressed
  • get better faster after an illness
  • help make our community stronger

These competitive grants support activities that promote social connections, healthy eating and physical activity. Any community nonprofit or local government can apply.

Examples of acceptable activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Offering a series of free yoga classes to neighbors and families at a local park
  • Starting a walking club for residents of an assisted living home that uses pedometers to track steps
  • Expanding a community garden to provide opportunities for community members to grow their own food
  • Hosting a series of healthy cooking classes for a diabetes management group